Disk Service

cbfs includes a Disk Service object you can use to register and interact with your disks.

dThe full API for the Disk Service can be found in the API Docs.

Injection DSL

The cbfs module registers a WireBox injection DSL that you can use to inject objects from the module.



Inject the Disk Service


Inject the entire disk records


Inject a specific disk instance by {name}

// Injects the DiskService
diskService = getInstance( "cbfs" );
property name="diskService" inject="cbfs";

diskService = getInstance( "DiskService@cbfs" );
property name="diskService" inject="DiskService@cbfs";

// Injects the entire disks record structure
disks = getInstance( "cbfs:disks" );
property name="disks" inject="cbfs:disks";

// Injects a specific disk by name
tempDisk = getInstance( "cbfs:disks:{name}" );
tempDisk = getInstance( "cbfs:disks:temp" );
property name="tempDisk" inject="cbfs:disks:temp";

Helper Method

The cbfs module registers a helper method called cbfs( diskName ) that you can use in your handlers, layouts, and views to get an instance of a specific disk:

// SomeHandler.cfc
component {
    function index( event, rc, prc ) {
        var storage = cbfs( "RamDisk" );
        var files = storage.allFiles();

Core Methods


Returns the count of registered disks.


Return an instance of the default disk defined in your configuration.

get( name )

Returns requested disk instance. Throws InvalidDiskException if the disk is not registered.

getDiskRecord( name )

Returns struct of details for a disk.

has( name )

Returns true if the disk has been registered with the provided name.


Returns an array of registered disk names.

register( name, provider, properties, override )

Registers a new disk. If a disk has already been configured with the same name, then it will not be updated unless you specify override=true.


Unregisters and shuts down all disks managed by the DiskService.


Returns the temporary disk.

unregister( name )

Unregisters a disk. Throws InvalidDiskException if the disk is not registered.

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