Configuration Methods

The configuration methods are most commonly used by cbfs internally to startup and shutdown disks. You should only have to call these methods directly for advanced use cases.


Returns true if the disk has been started up, false if not.

if ( !disk.hasStarted() ) {
    // Email Luis


Returns the unique UUID identifier for this disk.

var identifier = disk.getIdentifier(); // returns GUID


Returns the name of the disk.

var name = disk.getName(); // returns name defined in ColdBox.cfc


Returns the settings for the disk.

var properties = disk.getProperties(); // returns struct

var isCDrive = properties.path == "C:\" ? true : false;


cbfs invokes this method before the cbfs module is unloaded or during application reinit. You can implement this method as you see fit to shut down connections, sockets, etc.

if ( disk.hasStarted() ) {
    disk.shutdown(); // No disk for you.


Start up a disk provider with the instance data it needs to start up. It must ensure that it sets the "started" variable to true to operate.

disk.startup( name="myDisk", properties={
    "path": "C:\somepath"
} );

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