Stream Methods

The stream methods are only available for the LocalProvider currently.


Returns a Java stream of the file using non-blocking IO classes. The stream will represent every line in the file so you can navigate through it.

 * @path The path to read all the files with
 * @return Stream object: See
function stream( required path );

// Example expandPath( "datadump.txt" ) );


Create a Java stream of the incoming array of files or directories.

 * @target The target array of files/directories to generate a stream of
 * @return Stream object: See
function streamOf( required array target ){
// Example
disk.streamOf( disk.files( "my.path" ) )
	.filter( function( item ){
		return item.startsWith( "a" );
	} )
	.forEach( function( item ){
		writedump( item );	
	} );

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